public PHP projects

framework laravel/framework
phpunit sebastianbergmann/phpunit
The PHP Unit Testing framework.
yii2 yiisoft/yii2
Yii 2 framework main development repo
cphalcon phalcon/cphalcon
Web framework delivered as a C-extension for PHP
zf2 zendframework/zf2
Official Zend Framework 2 git repository
CodeIgniter bcit-ci/CodeIgniter
Open Source PHP Framework (originally from EllisLab)
october octobercms/october
Free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework.
laravel laravel/laravel
A PHP Framework For Web Artisans
Slim slimphp/Slim
Slim Framework source code
yii yiisoft/yii
Yii PHP Framework 1.1.x
cakephp cakephp/cakephp
CakePHP: The Rapid Development Framework for PHP - Official Repository
symfony symfony/symfony
The Symfony PHP framework
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